Whats New : New Openings:- a) Research Assistant (5), b) Research Investigator (24); Locations: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Assam .


Welcome to Foundation for Research in Health Systems(FRHS). FRHS is committed to research and evidence-based approach to improving public health services in India. Over 25 years of research and development experience in the field public health; National wide reach and Over 25 professional from medical, health research, management sciences, IT and social sciences.

Our Mission

FRHS mission is to develop and apply innovative approaches and models for improving decision making and management practices in health.

Our Identity

Our identity is closely linked to our core competencies in action research and data management. However at the heart of all our research is the field reality. FRHS combines research with a strong field presence and strives hard to make research results relevant to a diverse audience from field level health functionaries to program managers and policy - makers.

Our Approach

FRHS focuses mainly on strengthening existing health systems through evaluation of ongoing programs and policies, we identify gaps. Using available evidence we recommend interventions.FRHS field practice area serves as a laboratory, for such interventions where their utility, relevance, and cost- effectiveness are tested. Those found effective, are disseminated to various stakeholders.

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